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Take control of your code quality

We all know how valuable it is to keep the quality of your code high. Working on a high quality codebase is more enjoyable and enables us to deliver value much more effectively for our users and yet, time and again I hear engineers saying, “I am not allowed to spend sufficient time on code quality”.

This talk clarifies the value of maintaining a high quality codebase, gives you guidance on how to talk about this to help you get the support of your colleagues and managers for spending time on this and also outlines some key practices that will help you achieve this.

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Really enjoyed the talks at #londonpython last night. Will definitely be using some of the ways of talking about software quality outlined by @joelchippindale.


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If you have any questions, feedback or advice that you would like to share on this subject then please don't hesitate to contact me at @joelchippindale.

This is part of a series of talks and articles about the work and practices of my teams and I at Unmade.