Projects and play things

Some of the things I have made for fun and/or because they were useful for me.

Ditto Cal


A service for synchronising your availability across multiple google calendars.

I use this to make it easier to share my availability with my clients and reduce time spent dealing with double bookings.


A site I built to make it easier to find more responsible online book sellers for the books that you want. This helps you avoid companies like Amazon, who do not take responsibility for their impact on the environment and society.

This was also an exploration of:

  • using functional and a ports and adapters approach to the architecture
  • building a site with Deno
  • deploying to Google Cloud Run

Mandlebrot mini plots


A visualisation of the Mandlebrot set inspired by Corey Chiver’s Mandlebrot Orbits.

Hexagonal halftones


An experiment in using irregular hexagons to create halftone images.

Charge particles


A crude model of charged particles that soothingly reaches equilibrium.

There’s also a version using a similar model to make half-tones for a photo.



Set this as the homepage for your browser.

A service for creating international links for books on These links redirect visitors from the US, UK and Spain to the corresponding website.

I built this site with Phoenix.