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Recommended links about speaking at conferences

A bunch of really useful advice on how to propose, prepare and give talks at conferences or meetups.

  • Rethinking conference talks for video calls [article]
    I gave my first talk via Zoom at an online meetup in April and found it quite unnerving. This article by Matt Webb is a thoughtful reflection on why it is difficult and how we might change how we think about talks in a more distributed future.
  • 100s of tips on conference speaking [tweet]
    Corey Quinn shares a some great tips in this tweet thread
  • How to do a presentation dry run [article]
    You should definitely practice your talk in front of other people and Alice Barlett's advice on how best to get feedback from this is brilliant
  • Preparing for a tech talk [article]
    Dan Abramov's series of articles on motivation for giving a talk, choosing what to talk about and then writing a talk is great
  • The art of slide design [article]
    Melinda Seckington's series of articles outline some key principles to designing the slides that accompany your talk

Speaking for the first time

Tips for getting started.

Writing your talk proposal

Tips for getting your conference talk proposal accepted.

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