A collection of Joel Chippindale's infrequent reckons

Inspirational talks

Some talks that have particularly inspired me.

  • Taking the web off the screen [video]
    Charlotte Dann, shares her fascinating journey with generative art and experiments in turning it into physical objects both in 2D and 3D. As a bonus extra she gives a shout out to the work of my colleagues at Unmade which made us all feel dead chuffed.
  • Code will eat itself [video]
    Tom Stuart's entertaining lightning talk shows you how quines work
  • Five facts about smell [video]
    Alice Bartlett's 20x20 talk about smell is fascinating and you will definitely learn something new.
  • A Random Walk [video]
    Ben Griffiths talks about randomness with randomized slides at Ruby Manor 3
  • Therapeutic Refactoring [video]
    Katrina Owen on the joy of refactoring. One of my favourite tech talks of all time.
  • Wat [video]
    5 mins of pure fun with Gary Bernhardt
  • Using Agile Techniques to Build a More Inclusive Team [video]
    This talk by Kevin Goldsmith is one that I find myself recommending again and again to people to watch. There is so much of value for engineering leaders packed into a short space of time.
  • Jamie White's lightning talk about running a Code Club [video]
    I saw Jamie give this talk at Scottish Ruby Conference and it was definitely the inspiration for me to get involved in running a Code Club at a school close to where I was working

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