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Recommended links about hiring

Recommended books, articles, sites, talks and podcasts about hiring.

  • Here are reasons I didn't take job offers [article]
    Christian Heilmann offers his reflections on what made him turn down a range of jobs with useful insights for both employers and candidates on hiring/applying for jobs
  • How to Create a Great Resume [article] [BEHIND A PAYWALL]
    Luca Rossi offers a comprehensive guide to writing a CV
  • 6 tips for improving your CV [article]
    My tips for improving the story that your CV tells to reviewers
  • When Is Short Tenure a Red Flag? [article]
    Jacob Kaplan-Moss offers great advice for hiring managers and candidates
  • Role Title Terminology [article]
    Jacob Kaplan-Moss provides definitions of some of the commonly used terms used when talking about job titles
  • Dealing With Misalignment While Hiring [article]
    One of the most common mistakes I see when people are rushing to hire is mis-alignment on what they are looking for and how they will assess candidates. Jacob Kaplan-Moss gives some excellent advice on how to avoid this.
  • The secret to hiring engineers when you pay less than Google [article]
    Sarah Milstein gives some great advice on how to lean into your strengths when presenting yourself to candidates
  • Why you should include the salary in your job ads [tweet]
    Post The Pay's excellent Twitter thread outlining the problems which are caused by not including the salary in job ads.
  • Recruitment at Haplo [article]
    A description of how hiring and recruitment worked at Haplo which is full of great suggestions and advice including the Reverse Interview
  • How to Write a Great Job Post [article]
    Luca Rossi provides invaluable advice on how to write a job post
  • How to Recruit [article]
    Rands recommends that for every open job on your team, you need to spend one hour a day on recruiting-related activities and that you cap that investment at 50% of your time.
  • Developing an employee proposition that attracts talent [article]
    Lauren Shufran offers guidance on how articulate the value that you are offering potential employees so that you can hire effectively.
  • The Hiring Book [book]
    Attracting good developers to your company is simple. Do the hard work of making your company a decent place to work and then tell people about it. Najaf Ali's book is full of good advice on how to do this.


Tips for interviewing candidates and being interviewed


Advice on how to be more inclusive in your recruitment processes

  • How can I tell if a company “cares” about DEI? [article]
    Aubrey Blanche provides some great questions to ask if you want to find out of the company you are applying to work for genuinely cares about DEI
  • Hiring (and Retaining) a Diverse Engineering Team [article]
    Gergely Orosz brings together really good advice from a 6 engineering leaders who have successfully hired and retained diverse teams.
  • Anonymous Coding Tests Don’t Remove Bias [article]
    Laura Tacho dispels the myth and offers some recommendations for actually removing bias from your coding tests
  • “How Do We Hire More Women?” [article]
    Emily Kager gives some great advice in answer to this much heard question
  • Your Hiring Process Is Probably Biased [article]
    K. Tierney reminds you that, "Healthy hiring has a simple goal: to enable candidates to show you their best work, so that you can try to assess whether they’ll be able to perform the job responsibilities, and so that they can assess whether they’d like to work with you", and she also provides some great advice on how to achieve this.
  • Hiring is key to a successful business - so let's ditch outdated practices [article]
    Collaborative Future are helping companies update their hiring processes to bring them into the modern world and make them more inclusive. This article outlines some of the practices they have adopted
  • Gender Decoder: find subtle bias in job ads [site]
    Linguistic gender-coding shows up in job adverts as well, and research has shown that it puts women off applying for jobs that are advertised with masculine-coded language. This site is a quick way to check whether a job advert has the kind of subtle linguistic gender-coding that has this discouraging effect.


Guidance on making layoffs if they are required

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