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People who offer coaching services

  • Joel Chippindale (me) [site]
    I work with start-up and scale-up CTOs and suppor them to successfully navigate the changes in their roles as their team and company evolves
  • Gergely Orosz's recommended coaches and mentors [article]
    Gergely's recommendations both personal and from trusted sources
  • Alex Pressland [site]
    Alex is a Product Coach with 20 years of Product Management experience in the US, UK and Europe.
  • CTO Craft [site]
    CTO Craft have a roster of over 20 CTO coaches (including me) and will talk to you about your needs and then be able to recommend a few coaches who could work with you.
  • Cat Totty Coaching [site]
    Cat supports founders & CEOs in rapid change
  • Coaches for early stage companies [site]
    Josh Herzig-Marx's a list of coaches, across a range of disciplines, who specialise in early stage companies
  • Douglas Squirrel [site]
    Squirrel as a Service offers flexible help (both coaching and advice) when you need it
  • Flora Devlin [site]
    Flora offers product coaching helps you grow as a product leader
  • Garrett Mears [site]
    Coach and mentor to first-time CTOs or emerging technology leaders taking on additional responsibilities
  • George Sudarkoff [site]
    George coaches technical leaders, to lead authentically, make better decisions and eave a lasting impact
  • James O'Halloran [site]
    James has been a Founder coach since 2015, based in Bristol. Working with James isn’t about short term ROI, it’s about fundamental change in your personal vision, company direction and management of your team
  • Jennifer Clamp [site]
    Jennifer specialises in providing coaching for female founder CEOs
  • Jonathan Kahn [site]
    Jonathan offers one-to-one Communication Coaching to support the development of your skills in public speaking, handling conflict and giving feedback
  • Josh Herzig-Marx [site]
    Josh helps early stage-product leaders through coaching and mentorship.
  • Jossie Haines [site]
    Jossie is an executive coach, who specialises in coaching women leaders in tech.
  • Julia Whitney [site]
    Julia offers leadership, crossroads and team coaching
  • Kate Bradshaw [article]
    Kate's coaching was an invaluable in helping me better understand myself, challenge my fears and take greater control to successfully navigate my most recent career change. I highly recommend Kate to anyone looking for a coach.
  • Kate Sandars [article]
    Kate is an Executive Coach, who supports private and corporate clients with leadership development, growth and career transition, with a particular focus on tech / media companies.
  • Kevin Ball [site]
    Kevin works with motivated software engineers and engineering managers to help them navigate the transition from execution to influence.
  • Laura Morgan [site]
    Laura is an experienced product manager and an excellent coach who supports product professionals
  • Laura Tacho [site]
    Formerly a VP of Engineering, Laura is on a mission to coach engineering leaders to equip them with the confidence and skills they need to build high-performing teams that consistently deliver, without compromising authenticity, equality, and inclusion.
  • Lena Reinhard [site]
    Having spent the last decade growing engineering organisations, Lena now offers empowering engineering management & leadership coaching
  • Luca Sartoni [site]
    Luca Sartoni's Remote Leadership Works provides coaching and training to new engineering managers
  • Lulu Cheng [site]
    Lulu is a leadership coach who love's helping people define success on their own terms so they can live a life aligned with their values.
  • Mags Hanley [site]
    Mags is based in Australia and offers career coaching and mentoring for design professionals
  • Mark Farrer-Brown [site]
    Mark is a founder coach to scale up CEOs
  • Mary Butler [site]
    Mary is based in Australia offers leadership coaching to founders to help them grow with their startup
  • Melinda Seckington [site]
    Melinda is an excellent coach, advisor and mentor to people who want to improve their skills as a speaker
  • Moon Negotiation [site]
    Joan Moon is a coach who focusses on helping women negotiate
  • Nancy Choi [site]
    Nancy meets leaders as whole human beings and helps them unlock higher levels of performance and connection to a deeper purpose while reducing invisible labor and suffering.
  • Ramez Hanna [site]
    Ramez is a coach who specialises in supporting engineering leaders to find their next role.
  • Ruth Penfold-Jones [site]
    Ruth is a coach who supports you to accelerate the development of your leadership skills and to create an environment where your teams can win, and watch your business flourish.
  • Sanja Moll [site]
    Sanja supports founders, leaders and executives of entrepreneurial companies to scale themselves and their companies with grace and clarity
  • Sara Shondrick [site]
    Sara is a leadership coach who specialises in working with scientists-turned-leaders.
  • Sarah Ing Coaching [site]
    Sarah helps women in tech fall back in love with their careers
  • Seb Agertoft [site]
    Seb has a background in product and helps Founders and Leaders to build the skills and mindset to thrive.
  • Simon Pearson [site]
    Simon Pearson provides 1-1 coaching to support Product Managers
  • Startup Happiness [site]
    Marcia Swenson and Dale Larson help founders grow as fast as their companies.
  • Stefan J Hull [site]
    Stefan is a coach who supports agency leaders to grow their businesses
  • Tony Piper [site]
    Tony is a coach who is at his best when he is helping you achieve your goals
  • Vandena Daya [site]
    Vandena is an excellent coach who helps her clients clarify personal and business goals, evaluate and manage career changes, and improve leadership capabilities
  • Women in tech coaches [article]
    Lulu Cheng's list of women in tech who offer coaching services
  • Young Women's Trust [site]
    This fabulous charity offers free coaching programmes to women, who are aged 18-30 and live in England or Wales.

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