Joel's face

My name is Joel Chippindale and here is a highly pixelated picture of my face.

I have been making mistakes and learning about managing and scaling software development teams for the last 20 years.

These days I mainly Coach start-up and scale-up CTOs to support them to navigate the changes in the roles as their companies evolve.

I am interested in how people work together, how people learn, and how people lead. I want to help people have better experiences at work and feel better about themselves and those around them.

I post to this blog very occasionally, mostly to share my half formed reckons about leadership and software development. I also share my talks, my hobby programming stuff and share links to stuff that I am interested in.

You can find me in a bunch of places on the interweb including on Mastodon and LinkedIn.

I have unoffice hours on Thursdays if you want to chat about anything.